There’s Hope: Which Illnesses Can Now Be Cured With Modern Medicine

It seemed only a few decades ago, the diseases were widespread and people were dying in the world of the most harmless problems.

With the progress of modern medicine, once upon a time the insurmountable possibilities now feel quite weak and we know that there are many diseases that modern medicine can cure. Today we are examining the deadly diseases that can be treated with modern medicine

1. Polio

A deadly virus that has left its victims largely paralyzed and sometimes near death. The eradication of this disease is nothing but a modern miracle and there is only one man at whose feet credit can be given.

Jonas Salk, a pioneer in vaccine research that does not cure polio, but eliminates the possibility of it spreading. It has saved the lives of millions of children around the world.

2. Malaria

Once abundant in Asia and Africa, malaria was the cause of blind deaths. Widespread from mosquito bites, malaria has been a major cause of death in Africa.

Fortunately, there are now antimalarials that help the body get rid of flu symptoms.

3. Tuberculosis

A bacterial infection that affects the lungs causes respiratory problems and even death. In fact, it was once the leading cause of death in the United States.

However, since the treatment was found, the number of TB deaths (as is more commonly known) has decreased considerably. There is even a tuberculosis vaccine in some parts of the world where the spread of tuberculosis is more abundant.


Although a new disease in the list, SARS was no less violent. Appeared in 2003, it killed around 800 people in the space of a few years before its last massacre.

The treatment was so effective that no new strain of the disease remained, except in the laboratories where it was studied.

5. Smallpox

In the 1980s, no human smallpox strain was observed. Although the vaccine had already been vaccinated against the disease by Dr. Edward Jenner in 1796, it was difficult to preserve it due to its unstable nature. especially in warmer climates.

The vaccine was developed and spread so rapidly around the world that smallpox has virtually disappeared. Some strains of the disease have yet to be further studied to help scientists find cures for other disorders.

6. Yellow Fever

Commonly called jaundice, yellow fever has literally yellowed some people. Their eyes, their nails and even the pigment of their skin turn yellow. This fever was transmitted by mosquitoes or unsafe water.

It is still found in South America, parts of Asia and Africa. There are two drugs to help people recover from yellow fever, as well as a vaccine for people who intend to travel to South American or African countries to prevent them from contracting it.

The most recent advances in modern medicine claim to cure HIV / AIDS and other more deadly diseases.

Only time can tell how successful these efforts will be, but the signs look extremely promising. Modern medicine is truly a wonder given the lifestyle we live now.